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The Amethyst

The Amethyst is a 5-n-1 Straight Cut Drill Bit

What makes The Amethyst so unique is that it has 3 different grades on the body of the bit- top, middle and base creating a multi-use Drill Bit

Two-way piece meaning it can be used in both forward and reverse making it suitable for Left & Right-handed nail techs

The Special purple plasma coating, which not only looks amazing it also extends the life of your drill piece by up to 3 times longer

Its design makes it suitable for all product infills & removal – Acrylic, Acrlygel, Hard Gel & Gel Polish/BIAB

The Amethyst

  • 5-n-1 Straight Cut
  • Standard Shaft width 3/32”- will fit all standard E-File machines
  • Suitable for both Left & Right-Handed Techs
  • R-Cut Top Safety Bit
  • Special Purple Plasma Coating
  • Available in Coarse & Extra Coarse
  • Consist of 3 grades in one


  • Fine at the Tip
  • Medium on the Belly
  • Coarse at the Base

Extra Coarse

  • Medium at the Tip
  • Coarse on the Belly
  • Extra Coarse at the Base

- Recommended Speed 20,000-25,000RPM -