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The Kunzite 

The Kunzite is our Narrow Shaped Diamond Drill Bit in Fine Grit

Its unique narrow design  helps you reach those hard to get areas and remove all non-living tissue with ease 

The Kunzite 

  • Premium Diamond Bit
  • Left & Right-Handed
  • Fine Grit (RED)
  • Suitable for Manicure & Pedicure
  • Standard Shaft width 3/32”- will fit all standard E-File machines
  • Made from Tungsten Steel
  • Shaped to remove the non-living tissue

 - Recommended Speed 8,000-10,000RPM - Solely dependant on your clients skin type -

How to look after your Drill Bits

In order to prolong the life of your Drill Bits proper aftercare is essential

  • Wash your drill bits in warm soapy water and use the Kara’s nails Nylon brush to get between the flutes and grit of the bits to make sure all dust is removed
  • Using your preferred method of disinfection, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for correct dilution rate and contact time.
  • Remove Drill Bits from the solution and allow them to fully dry before being used or stored

E-files and drill bits should only be used by qualified professionals who have undergone the appropriate training.